Saturday, June 10, 2017

June events for Ripple are very important

Will have an impact on the XRP price.

We can not pretend that the Ripple team is not trying to make an impact at the moment. Even though a lot of cryptocurrence may disagree with their methods, the concept has a lot of merit. XRP is not a cryptocurrence by any means, nor is it controlled by banks. It is a digital asset that is based on the facilitation of financial services, which is obvious. The value of XRP is therefore derived from various external factors in relation to traditional cryptocurrent speculation.

To spread the word about Ripple technology, company executives will participate in various events around the world. Later today, a demo of the Interledger protocol will be presented at TU Delft. The Interledger protocol is a positive development for Ripple and XRP as it highlights the potential of this asset for global and accounting payments. It will be interesting to see what this demo will look like.

Other events for Ripple later this month include the Euro Banking Association in Dublin, which takes place on 20 and 21 June. As we have seen before, Ripple's technology can be of great value to banks. Attending such a major conference, followed by Money20 / 20 Europe in Copenhagen, could attract much attention on the protocol. Many cryptocurrence projects will also try to have an impact on these events. Bridging the gap between digital solutions and traditional finance is always of great importance.

Last but not least, there is an Interledger event on June 26th. This particular event focuses on the logging protocol of the books. Ripple developers recently participated in such a trial, which allowed funds to be transferred into seven different reports in a matter of seconds. It is clear that Ripple and the assets of XRP will play an important role in the financial sector in the future.


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