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SEO words and why they matter

Looking foreword to the customer's website, it became clear why he got very little traffic. It was their secret. Unless you know where to search for this cite by name, you will not find in Google. However, the cite does not use SEO words and the result is that almost no one had the cite. Let's take a look at how you can find the right keywords for your business and appear at the top of the search engines for these search terms.

What are the SEO words and why are they important?

If people know they want to do business with you, you can search for your company name in the search engines. While this works for carrying out your cite in front of people who know you well, making the key to work really your work as a ATM is that your website should be displayed in the search engines when people search for information on the products or services , Which is offered by the offered.

And sited words and phrases or questions of this type of people search on Google keywords or keyword phrases bar. SEO is the optimization of search engines. SEO point is to improve the pages of your website to improve your web pages so that when someone searches for Google for your keywords SEO goals.

It is extremely important to use higher SEO words, making your cite easy to find in the search engines. Use keywords and SEO of your web pages in the right way is important when your cite is displayed in the search results when someone uses these words in a Google search. But first you need to know how to create a list with good words.

Seed list keywords

Create a list of keywords and SEO goal on your cite by creating the list of offspring starts. Seed List is used to collect all the ideas that the words and phrases that may be useful to you. This list brainstorming part and a quick search.

Begin with different words and phrases that you think your cite will appear to be listed if someone were looking for such words and phrases. At this stage, do not limit yourself or rating - go ahead and write down all the ideas you have.

What are the questions asked by prospective customers and customers? What words and phrases they use? Use words that your customers and prospects use in the list of keywords is important in search engines before this audience appear.

Who are your competitors? Make a list of the competitors that come to mind. A Google search shows, versus the competition. Go through the list of competitors and visit the web cites, one by one. What are the keywords that are used? Include keywords that are used by competitors in the seed list of your keywords, though they apply to you.

It contains a list of keywords for your thoughts now seeds, asking the existing and potential customers asking, and what keywords your competitors use. Now we have a good starting point for identifying and selecting the best SEO keywords for your business.

SEO keyword research tools

Are their keywords which should not be addressed? In an ideal world, where not limited by time and money, you can target any number of keywords. But in the world we live in, you have to set priorities. You have to choose keywords that are aligned to begin at the moment, the word you are not doing at the moment, what sentences. How do you know which keywords should you target for SEO and who is not?

Fit keyword research SEO tools is perfect to answer this question. There is a variety of tools and the freedom of expression to grow everyone promises to discover the best SEO simple words and choose. The truth is that this is the aspect of art and science. There is a lot of technique that goes into the discovery of language and choice.

Google was replacing the keyword tool with Google Keyword Planner. How to do these tools are that you enter the keyword list of seeds and the tool shows you similar searches that may not be relevant to you. These tools also provide an idea of whom many people actually use these keywords in the search queries. People know your parents are an important factor in the choice of words is now the goal. Keyword research tools also provides a hint how many other websites also target each of the keywords in the list. Knowing the competition you are looking at on certain words give an insight into how much effort is required to make your website appear in the top search results for the words search. Some also call the tools also information on how to promote your site's cost on the first page of Google for a particular for

Sometimes the information did not immediately delete the search term. In other words, the purpose of research will be a mystery. In general, there will be a set goal for SEO not profitable. Instead, focus on the search terms, the search intent clearly. Here is what you could pay a lot of very targeted traffic to your cite.

For example, the intention behind the search for the word "shoe" is ambiguous. What is the person you are looking for? We are looking for shoes, shoes and leisure shoes, shoe shops, shoe design, and so on? Since it is a search word and the intention is not clear it will not be profitable to invest in your cite, in the top of the search results displayed when you search for a term likes that.

Through targeted search phrases such as research intent is clear, you must focus your efforts on the words that specifically target traffic to your cite.

Keywords Groups

Each page of your cite should focus on a particular keyword. This does not mean that he cannot be the other important sentence on this cite, but each page should be the focus for SEO keyword you are targeting. Make sure to use every single formats and combine your targeted keyword. As well as differences in the key phrase singular and plural variations of SEO Stock, is as groups. And there must be a keyword used in each formula, if at all, on the pages, the keyword in that target group.

Add words to your website

Song has been added in a variety of ways to your web page, and some are only seen by the search engines your cite. Ideally, your cite should be used for friends cites and SEO titles. This means that instead of your cite and there is a page likes this -, and you want to use URLs that are as -design /. In the first example of a URL, you will notice that there are no words in the title. The design is not a keyword in itself because it was a word and search intent is not to be recognized. In the second example, the search engines are able to see the URL of the page, on the internal offices.

This should be your primary keyword your address. This should be parts of the relevant keyword phrases, if any. It must contain text blocks and even alternative keyword of text from the image of the report phrases in the page.

SEO - (things that should be avoided)

The best way to make a mistake with SEO is to make sure you are not out in a search engine to show something different, try what you are trying to show real people to your website. Avoid using things like text that is the same (or very similar) to the background color. Some saw it as a way to add keywords to their website that the search engine, but people do. These things can make your cite in trouble in a hurry.

Do not overload many keywords on a website. How many are too many? A good rule of thumb is that your website should look well and normal from the target audience. If your web page look well and read the fine for prospects and customers, and you do not have much of keywords on your page. If your cite contains many keywords that read funny, then your page needs to be modified to be not so unusual that the uses of keywords stand out.

Repeating keywords

It is an art to find the right balance among pretty repetition. Writing is an art, and although there are rules that can guide you, and much is in the eye of the beholder. Here are some helpful guidelines.

Repetition is a form of concentration. The accuracy of their place, and they are not in use keywords. Do not trust people to deduce the context - should be implicitly provided. Reading habits have changed. While some read each word faithfully, and the vast majority of people who read your site scan the site rather than read it carefully. As such, it must be designed to meet your pages of this kind of reading habits. This is done by chopping long paragraphs in short paragraphs. Add the paragraph lines, where there are significant changes in the circulation of ideas. To highlight the main points that draw attention to with the paragraph title, bold, italic, or underline. The coordinations of these changes allow a person to quickly and easily scan your page to determine what is most of interest to them, then read this field. It also provides the perfect setting for using the word, and repetition. If you remain on the main plane after the principal of repeat, as guided to your cite well suited for scanning - you should find the right balance with the repetition of keywords and SEO.

Two slices of different segments

For your website for the keywords to be displayed on the search, your engine engines your cite should be designed to accommodate two different audiences - customers and search engines. To customize the search engines, you need to include your website's keywords that you want for rank. To the people who visit your cite, you need to balance the use of keywords and samples with the adequacy of the average reader. Just because you know what is going on your cite, does not mean Google does not. You will need keyword phrases on your page that you want to appear in the search results. Begin by carefully listening to your customers and they will tell you the words they use, which must also be used.

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