Tuesday, February 21, 2017

The impact of the Internet on the education system

Changing the data highway or the Internet and how the world does things. There is a point in a long line of inventions that are set to revolutionize the lifestyle. One is tempted to ask how the ability of computers to talk to one another improve the learning process in the classroom? How to make a difference in the study of epics like the Iliad and the Odyssey? It will answer these and other questions in the following paragraphs. Internet is more common than other electronic medium, the influence of a modern engine of progress. It is a new form of thinking that appears a new concept for training online.

Personnel computer and network to transfer quickly information to America. In fact, the Internet makes large amounts of information at unprecedented speed. During the revolution felt completely at schools, teachers and students will have almost instant access to huge amounts of information and a wide range of learning tools. If we want to lead the information revolution, these resources are not only available for the rich suburban schools, but also for school districts in the rural areas and schools of the city center. The arrival of a large can reduces differences in the quality of online education and give children in all areas of new learning opportunities. Used well, it can change the technology a key role in school reform.

The new technology enables students to acquire the skills necessary for success in modern society. And contact with the school in computer technology allows students to learn about the tools at an early age. Using this technology well, they also gain a better thinking skills to make them familiar with the community members and active citizens.

Campaign technology in our nation's school is integrating over the Internet. If you do not exist online, yet advanced technology has justified many educational applications that would have the value of distance learning, collaborative learning and great investment so to this point.

Online resources are excellent tools for research. But let us not deceive. Although policy makers, practitioners and parents decide what their goals are and even if they support the results of research and one of several hardwares and software configurations, and to determine when, how or weather to use technology (or any Other reform) in the class is likely to be found not only therefore. Many other factors - from pressure from parents to managers who want to make their mark in technology companies to promote their products - the form of choices technology in schools to buy and customize.

The Internet is an incredulous source of information and a powerful communication tool. The ability to use new technology has become an important factor in career choice and success in the future of today's students that most of their understanding of access and use of the effected will be electronic information Oakland. The increasing use of online services at home by children compliments the impetus for schools to take a more active role in family education in terms of use.

Schools have the opportunity to explore access to and the points of the education center online internet resources. Increase the participation of parents in the school education programs in the interest of society can help, and the title can improve the overall performance of upbringing their children. When educators take responsibility to help students master the use of technology and educate them about the potential risks, and students are more empowered to make intelligent decisions.

It refers to multicultural education and teaching in the fields of education adopted to the cultures of many different races in the education system. This approach is based on teaching and learning to build consensus, and respect and promote cultural diversity within the ethnic communities. He recognizes the multicultural education has a positive and ethnic characteristics in the atmosphere of the classroom.

The concept of the learning styles is rooted in the classification of psychological types. Concrete and abstract perceptions and active and reflective processors: the various ways to do this as classified.

There are many educational and psychological problems faced by student minority: low household head, low socioeconomic status, low minority status, limited knowledge of English, low parental education, mobility and psychosocial factors.

Not only school programs and practices have a direct impact on students' performance, but the school and community context in which these programs and practices occur effect the success rate. "Context" includes many factors. Some context variables can have a positive impact on students, while others can work against success students.

The demand for a comprehensive form of education strongly suggests that existing concepts of education are not sufficient to promote multicultural justice. Unfortunately, these designs have shaped the training of future teachers. Their education was probably characterized by the monitoring of the (the process of assigning students to different groups, classes or programs based on intelligence, performance or aptitude), the traditional teaching approaching an area approaching styles and learning programs, To exclude the contributions of women and people of different cultures. The competition leads to factory school model in which students tend to be considered as products from an assembly line.

Education is a basic human process; It is a matter of values wand action. The technology company called Internet cans supplement, strengthen and improve the education process. It will focus the participant on the educational institution. The Internet came to be friend, live with, and beyond both the teacher's life and the students. African wisdom says, "It is a village takes a child to raise."

My personnel conclusion is that all students, regardless of race, ethnicity, gender, socioeconomic status, geographic location, age, language or disability, deserve a fair access to learning and challenging and significant results. This concept has to learn profound implications for teaching and the whole school community. He proposes that justice and excellence must be the focus of the systemic reform efforts in all education.


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